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Bratschie & Born, P.C.

Our Practice Areas


Creditors Rights

Creditors rights law protects the rights of creditors to collect debts from individuals or businesses. Also to settle disputes between two or more creditors trying to collect money from the same person.


Real Estate 

Real estate law can help ensure that the buying and selling of properties is properly handled. There are many different aspects of real estate law like deeds, titles, purchase financing, zoning, foreclosure and taxes.


Business Law

Business law determines the formal process of establishment of a business organization and regulations related to the selling of corporate entities. It also includes rights of assignment, drafting, work delegations, breach of contract, and transactions.


Commercial Litigation

General commercial litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/ joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and shareholder issues.

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